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Not only is the Apache/Atuffy Instant Camping Tent exceptionally quick and easy to set up and take down, it is also one of the toughest tents made. There are no plastic hinges or hubs to break. However, in the event a part is damaged, only a screwdriver is needed to take the tent structure apart. Only fingers are needed to replace the lower pole sections.

Set-Up Sequence
The Set-Up sequence can be completed in a few seconds.
The poles are bungee connected and the pole structure is an integral part of the tent.
It is impossible to lose a pole or put it in the wrong place.

You can Set-Up and Take-Down your Apache/Atuffy Instant Camping Tent in total darkness

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Unroll Apache/Atuffy Tent Shake until poles snap together Spread corners Reach into tent - Lift tent up - Pull Rod while pushing Knob Tent is ready for Rain Fly Unfold Rain Fly - Let poles snap together - Put hole over nylon tip Attach bottom corners to pegs or to web straps - Pull center grommets up over end tips Lift top layer of fabric over Ridge Pole - Attach bottom corners

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