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Tipi Makers

The list of tipis makers is an on going and changing page.  If you know of others, please send the page or address to tipisholley@yahoo.com.  Most of the makers are located in the United States with a few in Australia, Canada, England, Switzerland, South Africa and Scotland. 

This list is for your convenience. We are not responsible for any problems that may occur between a tipi buyer and seller. This list is not by any particular order, quality or price.  Many of these makers I know personally or over the phone in LONG conversations.  Others I have not seen or know of any examples of their products except by their adds. 

My recommendation is to call, write or visit the tipi maker of your choice.  The best thing, ask other tipi owners what they like or dislike about their lodges.

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Reese Tipis

www.reesetipis.com - 866-890-8474 - info@reesetipis.com

Reese Tipis

Great Site with some awesome tipi pictures. "We offer a complete line of tipis and tipi accessories - historical to contemporary, plain and painted. We excel in providing tipis for campgrounds, movies, and museums. Only the best fabrics are used, stress areas are heavily reinforced and authentic features are carefully preserved. We guarantee to manufacture the best tipi made. Over 33 Years of tipi experience. 5-year warranted fabrics, exceptional workmanship and service. Exclusive manufacturer of the Greenhouse Tipi™."

Reese Tipis (tepees, teepees) Reese Tipis (tepees, teepees) Reese Tipis (tepees, teepees) Reese Tipis (tepees, teepees) Reese Tipis (tepees, teepees)

Nomadics Tipi Makers

www.tipi.com - 541-389-3980 - nomadics@tipi.com

...“For 35 years the largest of the tipi makers and did all the tipis for  “Dances With Wolves”. They offer hand painted artwork and guarantee their 18 oz. and 22 oz. all-weather fabrics warranted for 5 years”.

Nomadics 14ft Tipi Nomadics 18ft tipi


www.tentsmiths.com - 603 447- 2344 - info@tentsmiths.com

..."Our tents, when properly cared for, can last a lifetime. We have built tents for such prestigious establishments as the Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Valley Forge and Fortress Louisbourg. The movie industry has used us for "Last of the Mohicans", "Broken Chain", "Major Payne", "Road to Wellville", "The Crucible", A&E's "The Crossing" and most recently "The Patriot"."

Traditional Tipi Wall Tents

Reliable Tents & Tipis

www.reliabletent.com - 800-544-1039 - sales@reliabletent.com

..."The first choice of hunters and outfitters.       ...takes pride in outfitting outdoor enthusiasts with the best tent & tipi products available. We've been in business serving Montana and the Rocky Mountain region since 1945. We offer the highest quality craftsmanship in the construction of all our products, using the best canvas fabrics available."

Relaible Tent

RK Lodges

www.rklodges.com - 218-675-5630 - No E-mail

..."We started commercially making lodges and primitive shelters in 1971 and made several prior to that for friends and ourselves. We are buckskinners and have attended many rendezvous over the years, both national and local."

RK Lodges

Don Strinz Tipi

www.strinztipi.com - 800-525-8474 - tipiguy@alltel.net

..."When you get your Don Strinz Tipi canvas product, look it over, set it up if you like, see if it's everything you want it to be. Then, if you are not completly satisfied, I will repairit, replace it, or refund 100% of the money you paid." Has a great tape on setting up a tipi called Pointy Side Up -- An Easy Way To Set Up Your Tipi.

Striz Tipi

Spring Valley Lodges

www.springvalleylodges.com - no phone - no email (web site is currently down)

..."We have been providing the best service in the industry for years.  Please feel free to have a look around our site, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have."

Sweetwater Tipis

www.sweetwatertipi.com - 828-389-4028 - sweetwater@sweetwatertipi.com

"maker of custom Cheyenne/Sioux style tipi's since 1991.  Sizes 14', 15', 16', 17', 18'.  One piece fitted lining, hand sewn lacing pin holes, rain tight door attachment, well reinforced smoke flaps, reinforcements at key points, and other features make this a well designed tipi."

Panther Primitives

www.pantherprimitives.com - 304-462-7718 - info@pantherprimitives.com

..."We bring the past to life by supplying historical reproduction tents and supplies for historical re-enactors and collectors. Our dedication to quality and customer service has made Panther the world's largest manufacturer of historical tentage."

Panther Primitives

Earthworks Tipis

www.coloradoyurt.com/tipis.htm - 800-288-3190 - No E-Mail

..."At Earthworks we have substituted the finest treated canvas for ancient skins, but we have found no way to improve the original design. Our tipis are authentic and functional. The two go hand in hand."

Western Canvas

www.westerncanvas.com - 800-587-6707 - info@westerncanvas.com

..."blends the popular theme of Western Design with authentic reproduction to create livable and instructional tipis, equally at home in suburban backyards and world renowned museum collections."

M Bar M Tipi

www.teepees4u.com - 970-263-4599 - MbarM33@msn.com

..."Authentic Native American Design...FREE SHIPPING! (canvas parts only)...Our Sioux style teepees are expertly constructed of 10.10 oz. Army Duck, which is a tightly woven, plied yarn (2 threads spun together to make the final weaving thread.) The fabric is preshrunk, water repellent, mildew resistant and UV treated. Stress points are reinforced."

Wes Housler - Brain Tanned Hide Tipis

http://www.braintan.com/bison/wes4.html - 505-687-3267 - wes@pvtnetworks.net

Brain tanned tipis and products

Larry Belitz - Brain Tanned Hide Tipis

http://www.buffalorobe.com/BUFFALO-PRODUCTS.htm - 480-970-4854 - information@buffalorobe.com

Brain tenned tipis and products

Custom Canvas Design

No Website - 800-704-7362 - No E-Mail

8002 Timberline Drive #2, Bozeman Mt. 59718    $1.00 Catalog

Northwest Tipis

No Website - 920-485-4744 - No E-Mail  

..."Money Back Guarantee, 3 Full year Guarantee...Send $3.00 For Brochure...AND is the maker of the ONE pole lodge tipi at 16 feet."    2001 S. Main St. Rd., Horicon, Wi. 53032    $3.00 Brochure 

Thunder Mountain Tent and Canvas

www.idfishnhunt.com/thunder.html - 800-925-9175 - thundermtntent@msn.com

..."Our family owned business was established in 1984. Our reputation has been built on crafting innovative canvas and synthetic fabric products from superior materials. We engineer and manufacture wall tents, range tipis, Indian tipis and work with companies that manufacture large commercial tents, party tents, canopies and much more. We provide volume sewing of canvas and synthetic products."

White Bufffalo Lodges

www.whitebuffalolodges.com - 866-358-8547 - tipisandwagons@aol.com

..."We make tipis of authentic design and restore/rebuilt a variety of specialty wagons. We pride ourselves with using quality materials and adhering the the craftsmanship of creating a variety of nomadic shelters. We are proud to offer our beautiful tipis and wagons to you and are sure you will be proud to own one.....featured with Charles Kurault on Good Morning America and in Travel and Leisure Magazine. "

Four Seasons TentMasters

www.geocities.com/tentmasters - 517-436-6245 - No E-Mail

.."Established 1968...No matter what your time period, geographic location, or your personal portrayal we have a tent for you. We cover 2000 years, from before Christ to the American Civil war and beyond. Our tents are aesthetically, proportionately and functionally correct for your time period."

Trapline Lodges

www.trapline.com - 406-287-3580 - trapline@montana.com

......Trapline Lodges..."We are proud to offer superior quality tipis at affordable prices...We use double fill, high quality canvas with an extremely smooth finish. The canvas is a durable yet light weight 10.38 oz. or 13 oz. Sunforger marine sailcloth. "

FabriCon Tents

fabricon.com - 406-728-8300- fabricon@montana.com

..."owned and operated by one of the few Certified Master Craftmen in the industry...supplied military tents for the film Dances with Wolves ."

Kinneys Tipis

www.forevermontana.com/tepees.htm - 888-523-3422 - kinneystepees@cablemt.net

..."We are proud to be the one of the few companies in the world that offer an authentic Crow, Cheyenne, Lakota/Sioux or Blackfoot tepee.  There are seven reservations in the state of Montana as well as an annual internatinal Indian Fair--Crow Fair.  Our tepee designs are derived from heir cultures."

Dead Bird Tipi Co.

www.deadbirdtipi.com - 970-879-0314 - nathanh@netzero.com

  • We build authentically crafted, exceptional quality, Cheyenne-style tipis."

..."We build authentically crafted, exceptional quality, Cheyenne-style tipis."

Dead Bird Tipi

Four Directions Tribal Dwellings

www.roguedwellings.com - 541-601-6997 - tipilife@roguedwellings.com 

..."is a small family co-operatively owned and run company based in the Rogue Valley, Ashland, Oregon."

Grey Owl Tipis

www.greyowlcrafts.com - 800- 487- 2376 - sales@greyowlcrafts.com

..."These are authentically designed Sioux and Cheyenne tipis....These are for year round use. Great for Powwows, Pageants, Camp, etc. All seams are double-sewn. Edges are hemmed unless selvedge is used. Bottom edge is hemmed to keep from fraying."

Wondering Bull (Retailer - sells Panther Tipis)

http://store.wanderingbull.com/tipis.html - 800-430-2855 - custsvc@wanderingbull.com

...They sell Panther lodges, but have some good photos on site. 

Fox River Tipi Co.

www.foxrivertraders.com/tipi.htm - 920-759-2347 - info@foxrivertraders.com

..."There is nothing quite like spending the night in a tipi. It's unique design is remarkable, and the history behind it can send chills up and down your spine."

Ah'Ki Tipis by Little Joe

http://hometown.aol.com/redpath/earth.html - 510-268-8779 - No E-Mail

..."are great for Schools, Day Care Outings, Gatherings, Talking circles, back yards, camp outs, Powwows, Teaching aids, weddings, and more."

Tarkio Valley Tipi Makers

showcase.netins.net/web/tipis/ - 712-829-2645 - johnpalm@netins.net

..."Our tipis are reinforced more than most other tipis and are full cut to the Laubin design."

Old West Enterprises

www.angelfire.com/id/tipimaker/ - No Phone Listed - tipi_maker@yahoo.com

..."Old West Enterprises is a family owned business located in the heart of the Nez Perce Indian Reservation in Northern Idaho. We specialize in the construction and replication of traditional Native American and custom tipis. With over thirty years of experience we can offer you an exceptional quality tipi at an affordable price."

Sky Lodge Tipis

skylodgetipis.com - 888-488-8127 - No- E-Mail

...they use the Vinal plastic for window effects....."Sky Lodge Tipis are an innovation of the Sioux tipi design, with windows added to bring one even closer to nature. They create an ideal environment for many uses in the art of living:"

Goodwin Cole Tent and Awning

goodwincole.com - 800-792-4477 - info@goodwincole.com

..."Made of the finest materials available, these lodges are designed to withstand years of use. We have modified our original tipi to meet your needs. "

Conneautville Canvas


Conneautville, PA - Weekdays 9 to 5.

Warren "Two Bears"


Warren Billiter, 6800 Englewood, Raytown, MO 64133 

Wrights Canvas


241 Independence Way, Cashmere WA., 98814

One Feather Tipis


Mel McDonald

Sheridan Tent and Awning Co.

www.sheridantent.com - 800-310-6313 - No E-Mail

..."Manufacturing of custom canvas products for over 78 years..Tents, Tepees, Cowboys Range Tents, Hand Bags, Duffel Bags, Camp Stoves, Shoulder Straps, Back Packs, Flags, Tarps, Covers, etc...."

Red Cloud Tipis

indianyouth.org/redcloud.html - 605-857-2519 - No E-Mail

..."Red Cloud Tipis can make tipis to order, from pint size tipis for children, to 30 ft. ceremonial tipis.  Henry can also provide the poles, regularly traveling to the Black Hills with a truck and trailer."

Anchor Industries

www.anchorinc.com/teepees.html - 800-322-8368 - oad@anchorinc.com

..."The Anchor TeePee is beautifully crafted to authentic Sioux Indian specifications. Fabric is white 12 oz. Polaris (50/50 - Polyester/Cotton blend) and lends well to painting and decoration."

Yakima Tent

www.yakimatent.com - 800-447-6169 - info@yakimatent.com

..."Fashioned after the Plains Indians, used by our own Yakama Indian Nation at their Heritage Center, our tipis have even crossed the seas to Japan."

Redhawk Trading

www.redhawk-trading.com - 800-403-4295 - Redhawk@redhawk-trading.com

...Maker of the worlds largest tipi..."manufactures many styles of canvas tents. They are very popular with Scouting and other outdoor groups.  We also specialize in making authentic style mountain man era tents and teepees  We give a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee.  Other manufactures have tried to copy our techniques, but will never duplicate our quality."

Willow Winds

www.jmwillowwinds.com/const/const.html - 989-736-3487 - No E-Mail

...makes Bark Construction Villages and other items ..Jim Willow Winds..."Wigwams, tipis & lean-tos are built in the traditional style. Sizes may vary. Materials used to construct the lodges are harvested by Jim, in and around the State of Michigan. Bark from birch, cedar, ash, basswood and elm are used to cover the frame. Tamarack, willow and balsam fir are used for wigwam and tipi poles. Bark sheets are tied to the lodge frames using basswood bast (fiber) string and spruce roots."

Jesse Salcedo Tipis

www.salcedocustomtipi.com/jesse.html - 650-369-0383 - dsalcedo@earthlink.net

...California based company and uses hemp...."I advocate the use of tipi to create a healing or quiet space. My work pays honor to my American Indian heritage and brings my customers closer to nature (I am of Apache and Mexican heritage). "It is important that I do this with grace and honor, it has to do with linking people to tradition."

Tipi Town (Retailer)

www.tepee.com/tipi.html - 800-332-9898 - tepee@aug.com

..."Our lodges represent beautiful quality and workmanship in the authentic Sioux design. We double reinforce the stress area and give you the choice of regular, 10 Oz. cotton canvas or specially-treated "Sunforger" canvas."

Appalachian Leather & Western Store (Retailer)

www.appalachianleather.com/tepee1.html - 706-746-3627 - buckeye@dnet.net

Sagebrush Tipi Works

www.sandpoint.net/sagebrush/index.html - 877-993-1155 - sagebrush@sandpoint.net

..."SAGEBRUSH canvas tipis are Sioux style, constructed of durable, premium-grade materials and reinforced for extra strength at all stress points. "

Manataka Teepees

www.manataka.org/page39.html - 501-627-0555 - No E-Mail

..."Manataka Teepees Etc are fine quality, durable, good looking and the most reasonably priced teepees on the net!"

Harris Canvas and Camping

www.harriscanvascamp.com - 800-397-5026 - info@harriscanvascamp.com

..."The Sioux style tipi is very popular because of the extensive historical information available about the tribe. Many books have been written about the Sioux and Sitting Bull is probably the best known of all American Indian Chiefs." 

Straw Bale Trading Co.

www.strawbaletradingpost.homestead.com/Tipis.html - 208-267-1086 - yerbatrade@yahoo.com

Tomahawk Teepee Lodge

www.portalmarket.com/teepee.html - No Phone Listed - willard@portalmarket.com

...modern one pole structure...but interesting...."The Tomahawk Teepee is a revolutionary single pole outdoor dwelling where the pole also serves as a chimney for the teepee stove. It combines the comfort and shelter of a permanent camp, with the ease and convenience of smaller, portable tents and shelters."

Buffalo Days Tipi

www.portalmarket.com/buffalodaystipi.html- No Phone Listed - willard@portalmarket.com

..."One can't improve on the tipi design, it's perfect. But, we can improve on materials and reinforcements. Also, this of course, will increase life expectancy. We have been making tipis for well over 30 years."

Hamilton Dry Goods

www.hamiltondrygoods.com/canvas.html - 931-739-6061 - hamiltondrygoods@multipro.com

...They sell tipis and tent Canvas...prices on canvas look good.

Idaho Canvas Products

www.idahocanvas.com - 888-395-7999 - web site down

...."The typical dwelling of the Plains tribes is the tepee, or Tipi"

High Desert Trading Post

www.highdeserttradingpost.com/ - 1 Mar 06 - sales@highdeserttradingpost.com

Spirit Tipis

www.spirittipis.com - 928-442-3225 - No E-Mail

..."At Spirit Tipis, our aim is to make the highest quality Tipi possible, using the finest materials and meticulous workmanship."

Dave Ellis Canvas Products

www.cowboycamp.net - 877-259-2059 - dave@cowboycamp.net

..."My love for constructing a premium tent or lodge exceeds that of living in one. I heavily rely on others to understand the practical application of my products, and I have been blessed with the finest. For fifteen years I have sewn their tents, tarps, and lodges."

Montana Canvas

www.montanacanvas.com - 800-235-6518 - info@montanacanvas.com

..."Montana Canvas is located in Southwest Montana, just north of Yellowstone National Park, a perfect place to test our products. Our commitment to quality is second to none. We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality camping equipment and accessories."

Konza Tipis

www.kansas.net/~barchery/ol'ebuff.html/konza_tipi.htm - 785-494-2797 - brotzman@webserf.net

....One-Pole Nylon Tipi - Designed for the individualist who is looking for a ligth weigtt portable tipi without all the Long Poles and Heavy Canvas."


United Earth Tipis

www.unitedearth.com.au - 02 9564 3991 - info@unitedearth.com.au

The Tipi Company

www.thetipico.com - (0) 1 362 680074 - info@thetipico.com

Under The Moon Tipis

www.onemoon.com.au - (61) 3 57 861 629 - sales@onemoon.com.au

...Great new web pages...you have to see.

Tipis by Don O'Connor

http://users.netconnect.com.au/~sueandon/tipidon/tipidon.html - 03 5348 7506 - sueandon@netconnect.com

Rainbow Tipis

www.rainbowtipis.com.au - (61) 02 66 855895 - use form on site

...You have got to see these tipis....new contemporary material.



www.tymmyt.com - No Phone Listed - info@tymmyt.com


Arrow Tipis

www.arrowtipi.com - 866-902-3399 - sandy@arrowtipi.com

...interesting site with some good pictures on setting up linings, cover, poles. Look at his Widgets Tripod method.

Teepee Tseiwei

www.tipiquebec.com - 418-842-0157 - karl@tipiquebec.com

...English or French - "Teepees and native houses manufacturing, selling and renting."

Assisiboine Tipis (Retailer)

www.artindien.com - 204-762-6133 - use form on site

Wolf Tipis (Retailer)

http://www.wolfcountry.ca/tipi/tipi1.html - 204-762-6133 - use form on site

Coureurdebois Tipis (Retailer)

www.coureurdebois.com/teepee.html - 705-365-8852 - kanoe@ntl.sympatico.ca

Labis Moon Canvas Dwellings

http://labiscreations.com/ - No Telephone Listed - gitta@labiscreations.com

...Alternative, Low Impact Dwellings made of Canvas.

Ktunaxa Tepee Co.

www.tepee.ca - 250-428 2719 - tepees@shaw.ca

Porcupine Canvas

www.porcupinecanvas.com/tipis.htm - 800 461 1045 - info@porcupinecanvas.com

Sun Maker Arts

www.dwayneedwardrourke.com/Pages/SUNMAKER/PAGES/TIPISBYTERRY.html - 250 336 2070 - terrywild@earthlink.net

Wi Fabrication

www.witentes.com - 418-240-0295 - witent@hotmail.com

Fun Camp Co.

www.funcampco.ca/Tipi.htm - 888-297-5551 - sales@funcampco.ca

...fun camp.  This is the most modern tipi set up I have ever seen.   Some great ideas and for those who want the truly permanent set-up...this company has it.  Great for campgrounds or the backyard.  Just never try to move it.



www.ares.cz/tents/index.htm - No Telephone Listed - delta@ares.cz

...Wonderful site to see, good  photos, Historical tipi makers....English/Czech.


FamWest Naturzelt

naturzelte.de - 08544 - 9180878- famwest@naturzelte.de

...Great group of people with lots of knowledge. There work is seen through out Germany, Switzerland and surrounding countries.

Tipi Werkstatt

www.tipi.at - +43 3460 259 - info@tipi.at

Tipiwerkstatt am Bodensee

www.tipi-bodensee.de - 0 75 28 - 95 16 40 - info@tipi-bodensee.de

Westernbedarf Halang (Retailer)

www.halang.de - 03731 213580 - info@halang.de

Tipi-Zelte Vertrieb

www.tipi-zelte.de - 06392-2390 - tipizelte@aol.com

Great Britain/Scotland/Ireland:

Shelters Unlimited

www.tipis.co.uk - 01654 761720 - info@tipis.co.uk

Wolf Glen Tipis

www.wolfglentipis.co.uk - 01896 850390 - info@wolfglentipis.co.uk

Thunderbird Tipis

www.piloto.u-net.com/pages/tipi.htm - 01505 842103 - No E-Mail

Albion Canvas Co.

www.albioncanvas.co.uk - 0845 456 9290 - albioncanvas@yahoo.co.uk


www.hearthworks.co.uk - 01749 860 708 - tipisyurts@hearthworks.co.uk

Past Tents

www.past-tents.demon.co.uk/home.htm - 0 1623 862480 - No E-Mail

Timberline Tipis

www.timberlinetipis.co.uk - 07979 420153 - enquiries@timberlinetipis.co.uk

Manataka Tipis

www.manatakatipis.co.uk - 0 1297 553456 - manatakatipis@aol.com

The Stunning Tent Co.

www.stunningtents.co.uk - 0118 988 2355 - enquiries@stunningtents.co.uk

Wigwam Sam

www.wigwamsam.co.uk - (0)1288 352316 - info@wigwamsam.co.uk

World Tents

www.worldtents.co.uk - 01296 714555 - info@worldtents.co.uk

Lassana Tipis

www.lassanatipis.com - 01981 541076 - info@lassanatipis.com

Grays Marguees

tipi-tents.co.uk - 01983 525221 - info@tipi-tents.co.uk


Canvas Emporium

www.canvashome.com - +91-11-23628696 - canvashome@hotmail.com




Giorgio Strazzari

No Website - 0039031807957 - lontrastrazz@libero.it


Womime Wakan

www.womime-wakan.com - 0561481405 - womime.wakan@gmail.com


www.bosjuweel.nl - 024-3776086 - info@bosjuweel.nl

Atelier Annelies

See note below - 0591-521018 - annelies88@zonnet.nl

...Web site will not be listed as long as the site prohibits the use of the back button to navigate off the site! This is spam programing at it's worst.


www.tipiverhuur.nl - 06- 51899830 - info@tipiverhuur.nl

New Zealand:

Jaia Tipis

www.jaiatipis.com- 03 525 7321 - info@jaiatipis.com


Hau Kola Tipi

www.tipi-tent.com - 0 608487541 - kola@tipi.com.pl

South Africa:

Tipis From Africa

home.wanadoo.nl/jeff.mos/TipisFromAfrica/ - +27 (0)13 7440124 - mos@wanadoo.nl

Sacred Arrow Tipis

www.icon.co.za/~tipi/ - No Phone Listed - tipi@icon.co.za

South America:


Site will not be listed until copyright materials are removed from their website and printed material. It you have any questions, please contact Richard at Reese Tipis richard@reesetipis.com or Jeb at Nomadics Tipis nomadics@tipi.com.

South America:


www.tipiwakan.org - (00-34) 618-616-508 - info@tipiwakan.org


Tipi Nähatelier

www.tipi.ws - No phone or E-Mail on web site.

Fam Zeltwelt

www.zeltwelt.ch - +41/52/657 5858 - info@zeltwelt.ch

Peddig Keel

www.peddig-keel.ch - 071  371 14 44 - info@peddig-keel.ch